User Introductions to MVC and Catalyst

The MVC approach can make writing web applications easy, painless and fun. However, programmers need to understand a certain amount of conceptual territory to make proper use of this approach. Here are some user submitted introductions to Catalyst with examples to help with this learning process:

Catalyst for CGI Programmers Introduces you to Catalyst from the perspective of a CGI programmer.

Geoffrey Ferrari's Beginners Info for Catalyst

Pete Sergeant's Tutorial. This one is particularly nice, as it uses XML rather than RDBMS for it's examples. take on Catalyst

Yet another Intro from Ivan Georgiev (raptor)

Catalyst::Example::InstantCRUD InstantCRUD is a command line program that creates a skeleton Catalyst app, plugged into a database of your choosing, with Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete for all tables. Great to get your feet wep.