Here are a few video captures of Catalyst in action.

Give the servers a rest

The links which say CCDN direct you to the Coral Content Distribution Network, which provides Caching for large download files.

Auto Completion

This one is made by sri and shows how simple it is to develop (with the Prototype plugin) an auto completion mechanism like, for example, the one provided by Google Suggest.

As an Addition: The editor used by sri is named TextMate. I just add this here, because it became a frequently asked question on #catalyst ;)

A transcript of this demo can be found in MoviesAutoCompletionDemoTranscript.

It's a 15 MB download!

* Catalyst Auto Completion per CCDN

* Mirror 1 CCDN

* Mirror 2 CCDN

* Mirror 3 CCDN

Ancient Movies

AncientMovies contains some catalyst material that could be useful but is no longer recommended, for various reasons.