MojoMojo is a wiki, kinda like the one this is written in, the Trac wiki... Only not really. MojoMojo started as a pretty vanilla wiki implementation, based on the ruby based wiki Instiki. Around february 2005, it was a pretty complete implementation in Maypole. SimonCozens has taken that branch, and implemented several wikis related to his religious activities. At that point, Mitiki was rapidly ported to the Catalyst framework, and rebaptised as MojoMojo. From that point on, changes occured rapidly. For one, a radical structure change occured. Instead of using a flat name structure like most wikis, MojoMojo has adapted a tree-based namespace. That means you can have an unlimited number of sub-nodes below each node.

In a limited form, this allows you to easily implement features such as the discussion page or other special subnodes, but it can as easily be used to implement a cluster of personal wikis, each interlinked by personal relationships. Another feature that was added to MojoMojo, which aggregates this effect is the tag-based categorization system. This easily allows you to indicate relationships on your own terms. Rather than forcing artificial labels like "friend" or "acquaintance", you can express your relationships in your own terms.

This is a small taste of what MojoMojo can provide. To find out more, check out the mojomojo wiki, available soon, on