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Installation / Download

General Info

There are several ways to get Catalyst. In addition to the standard CPAN and CPANPLUS methods, there are two quick install methods:

CatInABox: a complete package that can be installed easily on *nix and Windows without CPAN. It is available for download at http://handelframework.com/downloads/CatInABox.tar.gz. Once you have extracted the files just run start.bat on Windows or start.sh on *nix.

Shadowcat Installer: http://www.shadowcatsystems.co.uk/static/cat-install. This is a script that works with CPAN and automatically sets defaults so you can have a non-interactive install. Prerequisites include: perl 5.8.1+, a make and a compiler (nmake and dev-c++ are good on windows), a configured CPAN.pm and Module::Build installed. This installs Catalyst only and does not include the additional modules in Task::Catalyst.

* worked flawlessly on CentOS 4.3 x86_64 and SUSE 10.

Task::Catalyst: This is a package available via CPAN. It includes additional modules such as the Prototype plugin and TT View.

Debian Linux provides packages (invoke apt-cache search catalyst).


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Commercial Support

There are companies and individuals offering commercial support for Catalyst.

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